PL7 Lage Temperatuur

Synthetic + Lithium Complex, Gold

Operating temperature : -40°C ∼ 170°C



Product Description

  • PL7 is developed to lubricate equipment in arctic environments
  • Meets the NLGI’s stringent standard GC-LB for automotive wheel bearing (GC) and chassis (LB) lubricationReduces friction and water
  • Wide service temperature -40℃ ~ 170 ℃ (-104°F ~ 338°F)


  • Specific applications including :Centralized systems on heavily loaded mining machinery such as dragline booms
  • Wheel bearings on high performance racing cars
  • Forestry, construction and mining mobile equipment
  • Conveyors and equipment in refrigerated areas
  • Pumpjacks
  • Lubrication of wheel bearings and chassis components on trucks operating in wide extremes of temperature,
  • e.g. near Arctic to southern deser


Product bestellen

Download Safety Data Sheet



Download Product Data Sheet


Long life under extreme temperature

provides long-lasting equipment protection : Extended service life with longer intervals

Improved bearing life

reduced downtime and maintenance costs

High mechanical

stability in severe operating conditions

Operating temperature

-40°C ~ 170°C (-104°F ~ 338°F)

Low water washout requiring less re-greasing and maintenance

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