PL3 Hoge snelheid

Mineral oil + Lithium Complex, Yellowish brown

Operating temperature : -30°C ∼ 130°C



Product Description

Maximum protection from rust and corrosion. Good anti-wear and high speed and load carrying capacity (Mo type). Quality proved item, which has used over 10 years in leading automatic lubricator maker. Wide service temperature (-30 ℃ ~ 130 ℃). Mineral oil + Lithium complex, Yellowish brown


Automatic Single Point Grease Lubricators for high speed applications. Machine elements requiring anti-wear. High speed bearings. Constant Velocity joint ofvv automotive vehicles.


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Download Product Data Sheet


Long Service Life

Shear stability and low oil separation characteristics

Excellent anti-wear capacity

Extended equipment life.

Long-term protection

Enhanced rust and corrosion protection.

Water resistance

Water resistance, oxidation stability, and low temperature performance. Operating temperature : -30°C ~ 130°C.

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