PL5 Hoge temperatuur

Synthetic + Lithium complex, Red

Operating temperature : -40°C ∼ 150°C



Product Description

  • Provides excellent low-temperature pumpability, very low starting and running torque and can reduce operating temperatures in the load zone of rolling element bearings
  • Wide range of applications, Outstanding high and low temperature performance, Excellent resistance to rust, corrosion and oxidation
  • Increased protection against water penetration


PL5 High Temperature grease is suitable for centralized lubrication system of high temperature application such as :

  • Drive rollers in continuous casting plant
  • Conveyor rollers in continuous casting furnace
  • Ladle turret link bearing
  • Heating furnaces, drying stove
  • Mold elevating platform pivot bearing
  • Rolling bearing of roll stand
  • Opening gate of bulk material equipment
  • Cooling bed conveyor system
  • Rotary kiln


Product bestellen

Download Safety Data Sheet



Download Product Data Sheet


Long Service Life

Long Service Life : Excellent shear stability, resistance to water/steam, and oxidation stability.

Extends equipment life

Excellent load carrying and anti-wear capacity : Extended equipment life.

Long-term protection

Enhanced rust and corrosion protection. Excellent pumpability

Easily pumpable

Operating temperature: -40°C ~ 180°C

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