PL10 Motorlager

PAO + Mineral oil + Lithium, Beige

Operating temperature : -25°C ∼ 150°C



Product Description

  • Thermal stability and wear resistance
  • Anti-corrosion property
  • Compatible with various rubber & plastic
  • Extend service life of applied part by excellent oxidation stability & anti-corrosive property & -Low cost & high
  • performance comparing to other lubricant based on 100 % synthetic base oil
  • Wide service temperature (-25℃ ~ 150 ℃)
  • PAO + Mineral oil + Lithium, Beige


  • Automatic grease lubricator
  • Various automotive parts – clutch, water pump, fan etc.
  • Rolling bearing – electric motor, fan, dryer, textile equipment
  • SAMSUNG OEM – Washing machine clutch planetary gear, printer (OA) plastic Gear


Product bestellen

Download Safety Data Sheet



Download Product Data Sheet


Long Service Life

Excellent EP and anti-wear properties against extreme/shock loading : Minimize bearing components wear and extend equipment life

Extends equipment life

Excellent friction reduction characteristics : Easier start-up, reduced heat, and reduced energy, leading to longer bearing life

Long-term protection

Enhanced rust and corrosion protection : Extend bearing life and performance. Excellent mechanical stability : Long-term protection

Easily pumpable

Easily pumpable in both single point lubricators and central lubrication systems. Operating temperature : -30°C ∼ 180°C

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